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Andreea Mihai.jpg

Andreea Mihai, Romania

Dancing to the Samba Rhythm

"Traveling is my life. When I was in Brazil for the annual carnival in 2020 and Covid broke out, I couldn't leave the country. I decided to turn necessity into an opportunity and study gastronomy. My years of experience as a manager in the hospitality industry and a passion for cooking led me to take this step. Ultimately, I stayed in Brazil for three years and traveled all over the country. After my studies, I worked for two years at La Côte Saint-Jacques, a two-star restaurant in the Burgundy region. Through friends, I got in touch with Boury Academy. It is a great honor for me to work here. I love the Belgians; they are very friendly. And I love Belgian vol-au-vent; in Romania, we have a similar dish. I want to travel even more in the future to better understand what is happening in the world of gastronomy."

Thibo Bomberna, Belgium

Culinary Good Luck Charm

"I chose the kitchen in the wake of the hype surrounding cooking TV shows that was around a few years ago. It was my sister who worked at Restaurant Goffin in Bruges who gave me the final push to attend hotel school. My first place in the kitchen was washing dishes, later I moved on to preparing appetizers. My biggest drive in cooking is to make people happy and give them a unique culinary experience. If we succeed in that, then I am happy too. We work with a large team in the kitchen, so you can always rely on each other. The international character of our team is an asset because everyone brings their own knowledge and influence. If I ever start my own business later, I will definitely choose a concept where the products take center stage. That's what people love too. A perfectly made vol-au-vent, delicious, isn't it!"

Jonas Oppertshaeuszer.jpg

Jonas Opperthaeuszer, Germany

The Atmosphere of Star Restaurants

"When I had the opportunity to do an internship at a two-star restaurant during my culinary training in Munich, I loved the atmosphere there. So, I am very happy to have the chance to work at Boury for a few months as well. The reception was particularly warm, and I was immediately welcomed into the team. We form a close-knit group. The interns from Boury Academy live together in one house, and on weekends, we often explore other cities. The way of working at Boury differs greatly from the places I've been to before, and I am learning a lot here in terms of techniques and efficiency. It's nice that as an intern, you also get responsibilities. As a teenager, I lived in the southern United States for three years. Those years shaped me to be open to new experiences and perspectives."

Joao Monteiro, Portugal

Philosophy of Gastronomy

"I've been living my dream since I was fifteen. Traveling around and working in Michelin restaurants, what more could I wish for? After jobs in restaurants in Spain and Portugal, I wanted to head towards Northern Europe because I feel that the philosophy of gastronomy is more respected there. Moreover, it was nice to step out of my comfort zone and learn about new products and a new way of working. I recently made the typical Portuguese pastry 'pastel de nata,' and we also served it in the restaurant. In my family in Portugal, I have always experienced a lot of passion for local products: from salty to sweet. So, I fondly remember those times when we went into the mountains, searching for producers of delicious cheese and charcuterie."

Joao Monteiro.jpg

Robbe Crabbe, Belgium

Adrenaline rush in the kitchen

"I received my culinary education at Ter Groene Poorte in Bruges. When I said I wanted to do my final-year internship at a two-star restaurant, the school thought it would be a 'mission impossible.' But I persisted, and I was able to work at Boury. After my internship, I was able to continue working here as part of the team. I experienced the transition from two to three stars. The motivation to maintain that third star is very strong among everyone on the team. Every day, we give our all for the customer. I am now responsible for the cold kitchen. We regularly visit companies, which allows us to learn about many new products. I want to learn as much as possible. Cooking at a Michelin-star level is my thing. I thrive on adrenaline, and there is no shortage of that in a kitchen like this."

Mayte Devos, Belgium

Being strict with yourself

"My parents own a gourmet restaurant in Rekkem. So, it's no surprise that from a young age, I often did weekend and holiday work and eventually went to hotel school. I enjoy working hard, just like my parents. Serving customers in the restaurant is totally my thing. In the dining room, you have to be strict with yourself, double-check everything, and not show any signs of stress. I'm a very social person and enjoy chatting or joking with customers. This immediately makes people feel at home. We play an important role as a link between the kitchen and the customer and must be able to explain what's on the plate well. Outside of work, I enjoy going to the gym or dining out to be served myself. And I never turn down dessert."


Marco Santoni, Italy

From a family of florists

"I gained a lot of work experience in various Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy and Denmark in recent years. Before coming to Boury, I worked for two years at Pure C in Cadzand, the Netherlands. Chef Tim Boury is someone who lets you discover and try out a lot of things. You can also always suggest new ideas yourself. Sometimes we also use Italian ingredients in a dish. I love working with mushrooms in the kitchen, always using fresh ones, of course. It's incredible how many variations there are. Some types, like chanterelles, we don't have in my home country. Cooking is a family tradition in our home. Both my grandmothers were always in the kitchen, as was my father. Coming from a family of florists, I always pay attention to flower decorations in the restaurant."

Pieter Godts, Belgium

The infinite world of wine

"I had absolutely nothing to do with wine until a producer from the Rhône region let me taste a white wine that completely enchanted me. After hotel school, I went to the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London to further deepen and specialize. Learning about wine involves not only tasting a lot but also reading a lot. The world of wine is infinite, which is both fun and frustrating. You can constantly learn. As a sommelier, I really enjoy the contact with the customer. I mainly deal with the paired wines. Our wine list is large and beautiful, thanks to our head sommelier Mathieu. I'm open to a lot. In every region, you can find a delicious wine, but Bordeaux and Rioja are close to my heart. I never drink wine in a café; I prefer a pint there."


Neal Descheemaecker, Belgium

From Club Brugge to Barcelona

"I played at Club Brugge for a long time, and there are many parallels to draw between top sports and what we do daily at Boury. As a sous chef, I'm also competitive, always striving to do better and be sharp. After spending five years in the kitchen here, I made a foreign transfer to Barcelona because I wanted to further my growth as a chef. I worked at Tickets under the iconic chef Ferran Adria. Along with new experiences, I also brought my Spanish girlfriend back to Belgium. It's good to be back at Boury. My drive is to make a difference in this industry and strive to be as good as I can be. During weekends, I'm passionately engaged in the garden, not just with vegetables, but also with citrus and fig trees. Just like in the kitchen, I set high standards in the garden too."

Maarten D’Hondt, Belgium

Cooking is Collaborating

"After completing my education at the Spermalie hotel school, I immediately started working. I've been working here as a chef de partie for three years now. It's great to be able to cook in a three-star restaurant. In the kitchen, I enjoy butchering meat and preparing it for further cooking. It's important to collaborate effectively and ensure that all tasks in the kitchen are carried out as a team. Working through a service with the whole team and delivering a beautiful menu gives a lot of satisfaction. Every shift is filled with adrenaline. Honestly, when I'm on vacation for a week, after a while, I start to miss it. I miss that pressure and feel like diving back in."

Maarten D'hondt.jpg

Luca De Lathouwer, Belgium

The happiness of a satisfied customer

"My job in the restaurant is very diverse. From welcoming guests to setting up the bar and making dessert juices. Since my first internship in hotel school, I knew my calling was in the dining room. I learn a lot from my experienced colleagues. It's important to know the menu inside out. The better you know it, the more confident you appear. And also important: always smile! It's always so gratifying when people who sometimes have to save up a lot to eat at a three-star restaurant tell us afterward that they had a fantastic experience. Customers leaving with a happy feeling genuinely makes me happy. When I see myself in the group photo of our team, I sometimes have to pinch myself. It's fantastic to be able to do this as my first job."

Laury Deleersnyder, Belgium

A Completed Bucket List

"I love traveling and dreamed of going abroad as a child. I was able to complete my bucket list, which included working in international restaurants in places like London, Denmark, and Australia, at a young age. Being able to fulfill my dreams while having a strong support system in Belgium was fantastic. Everything I gained abroad, I can bring back to Boury. I see myself here as the extra ears, eyes, and hands for Inge and Niel, who lead the dining room. I'm versatile and can be deployed anywhere! And when young additions to the dining room team perform well, it genuinely makes me happy. After all my travels abroad, I've come home here. I belong at Boury. I love working here and can't imagine a job I'd love more."

Nicolas Lefranc.jpg

Nicolas Lefranc, Belgium

Putting the customer first

"Just as the restaurant evolved from one to three stars during that period, my job description has also changed and grown significantly over the past seven years. You'll still find me in the restaurant every day because customer contact is number one for me. I know all our customers, and conversely, I'm also a familiar face to them. In addition, I handle reservations for the restaurant and rooms and also conduct interviews for Boury Academy. I'm often impressed that our interns travel from the other side of the world to work here. That's not something to be taken for granted. I don't always realize it myself, but it proves that our restaurant is internationally known. I give a lot of myself for the restaurant. When customers have a special afternoon or evening here, it gives me incredibly much satisfaction."

Giovanni Weymeersch, Belgium

The Final Touch at the Table

"Hospitality has always fascinated me. Initially, I wanted to work in the kitchen until I did a service internship. I was immediately sold! I did an internship here at Boury when it first started, and I also worked at Pure C in Cadzand. It's nice to chat with customers and occasionally make a joke. There's nothing better than seeing a customer smile or receiving compliments about our professional approach and relaxed atmosphere. I'm very sociable. Coming from a large family with six sisters probably has something to do with it. Our entire dining room team works with full love. Personally, I love giving the final touch to a dish at the table for the customer, like with caviar preparations, oysters, crêpe Normande, or sabayon. I make it a point to work very meticulously."

Giovanni Weymeersch.jpg
Yara Ingels.jpg

Yara Ingels, Belgium

Cooking for Leonardo DiCaprio

"Before joining Boury as a sous chef responsible for events, I gained international experience. I worked at the three Michelin-starred Lasarte in Barcelona and served as a sous chef at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, where guests included Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Watson. My interest in the kitchen led my parents to nickname me 'little chef' as a child. It's great to work here in a team with people who are all passionate about cooking. We have many foreign interns here, and I enjoy teaching them new things. I have a preference for fish and seafood. I'm very perfectionistic and enjoy working with high-quality ingredients. The ultimate goal is to ensure that customers leave the restaurant amazed every day."

Niel Delameilleure, Belgium

Creating Beautiful Memories

"Whether it's a brown pub or a three-star restaurant, hospitality is paramount in our industry. We aim for customers to have a unique afternoon or evening here while feeling warmly welcomed. That's how we create beautiful memories for them. As a maître d', I'm the point of contact for many employees but also a familiar face to our long-standing customers. After all, I was just a young lad of 19 when I started working here. I come from a very warm family where I've always learned to dedicate myself to others. That's who I am; hospitality is just ingrained in me. It's wonderful to pamper people! Moreover, there's also room to do something outside the restaurant. When I sit on the jury for Best Maître of Belgium, it's an honor to represent Boury."

Niel Delameilleure.jpg
Brent Van Belle.jpg

Brent Van Belle, Belgium

Meticulous Preparations

"I have a passion for pastry and gained experience in a specialty shop in Ghent and spent two years at Hof van Cleve. In the Boury kitchen, I can express much more creativity than in a traditional bakery. We don't have to make pastries that can sit on a cardboard for two days. I love being inspired and combining ingredients, like in a dessert with pear and parsnip, for example. Preparation must be meticulous every time, and we finish each dessert with special attention to detail. It feels great to create a top dessert with your own hands. Of course, the desserts are coordinated with the other courses on the menu. Maybe I'll become a teacher later. Being able to impart your expertise to young people seems very valuable to me."

Leon Stock, Belgium

I’ve always been intrigued by hospitality in top restaurants.

I started as a student worker at 15, seeking a job that aligned with my hotel management studies. I live close by and restaurant Boury always triggered me. The dedication, the detail and focus that the whole team delivered is astonishing. After a short trial period, it was clear I had found my passion in the dining room. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a chef; the entire restaurant scene fascinated me. Now, I've found my place in the front-of-house team. As a hobby chef, I love experimenting with new dishes and flavors. If you ask me about my future, I hope to open a bar featuring innovative cocktails and exceptional hospitality. A nice place where people enjoy a warm welcome and a nice drink.

Leon Stock.jpg

Dylan Van den Berghe, Belgium

Architecture on a Plate

"My interest in the kitchen grew when I started weekend work at an event venue. I was pursuing a degree in architecture at the time. Through various courses, I specialized in pastry. I love fine-tuning recipes to create a beautiful dessert. On one hand, you have to strictly adhere to the quantities for each ingredient, but on the other hand, pastry offers a lot of opportunities for creativity. For me, that's the main reason for doing this. My previous vocational training still influences me because, essentially, pastry is architecture on a plate. I always run my new creations by Chef Tim first. As a pastry chef, I enjoy a lot of freedom. Being able to still captivate the customer with a splendid dessert after a full meal is the challenge we gladly take on."

Simon De Tavernier, Belgium

To pay off my debt of my violin I started as a dishwasher.

My journey in hospitality started a long time ago. As a child, I was passionate about playing the violin and studied at the music academy in Brussels. At 15, I bought an expensive violin and wanted to pay off my debt by working as a dishwasher in a restaurant. I moved from the dishwasher to the kitchen and then to the dining room. There, I truly lost my heart and fell in love with the hospitality industry. After a tough decision, I chose to leave my music studies and pursue a hospitality education. Driven by a strong desire to excel, I aimed to compete in contests like the Best Sommelier of Belgium. My wife and I dream of starting our own restaurant one day, providing guests with a unique experience. However, for the time being I really want to continue learning in this exceptional environment and enjoy working in a very experienced front-of-the house team.

Mathieu Vanneste Q1 2022.jpg

Mathieu Vanneste, Belgium

Wine is Emotion and Very Personal

"Wine has captured my interest for over 25 years. Numerous courses, good mentors, and international experiences have shaped me. In the world of wine, there's always something new to discover. Every vintage is different, every domain is unique. And numerous factors influence the quality of the wine. Wine is very personal. Everyone needs to discover their own taste profile, which is different for each of us. Wine is also emotion. We have customers coming in specifically for the wine, but others who find it less important. Both are fine. Often, I try to figure out what people want through a conversation. Or people give me carte blanche in choosing the wine. It's important to me that the customer feels good about the chosen bottle. The title of Michelin Sommelier of the Year is a beautiful recognition of our work."

Nicolas Lips, Belgium

The guestrooms for interns creates a strong bond.

From a young age, I was exposed to top gastronomy and quickly caught the hospitality bug. I'm eager to learn about the evolving world of fine dining, including wine, food, and service. I'd love to further my studies in Switzerland, with a focus on hotel management at the top of my list. I enjoy classic cuisine with a modern twist. One great advantage of working at Restaurant Boury is the immense experience gained in a short time. You take care of the customers, and they take care of you! The guesthouse for interns is fantastic, being close to the restaurant and surrounded by others who share the same passion, creating a strong bond.

Nicolas Lips.jpg
William Malm.jpg

William Malm, Sweden

From dishwasher to renowned cook

As a Swedish-born chef with roots from Sri Lanka, find solace in my culinary journey. My story starts as a dishwasher back in Sweden, amazed by the drive and focus in the kitchen, I knew that would become my profession, my passion. Talking about food, memories flood my mind, particularly that of a mushroom pasta savored in my homeland two years ago, a dish I've longed to recreate. My Nordic upbringing intertwines with the spices of my heritage, shaping my approach to cuisine. As a student in Switzerland, I blend these influences, crafting dishes that honor both tradition and innovation. Each plate tells a story, a fusion of flavors from the icy fjords of Sweden to the vibrant markets of Sri Lanka, reflecting my diverse culinary identity.

Justine De Rijcke, Belgium

The restaurant is the common thread throughout my life.

My hospitality journey began early, as my parents owned a restaurant. I grew up surrounded by pots and pans, and started helping with cooking at a young age, which turned into a true passion. This led me to choose a hotel school for my education. There, I learned the tricks of the trade and was challenged through various internships at home and abroad. The biggest advantage of interning at Boury is rotating through different kitchen sections with excellent support each time. This way, you learn quickly and grow as a chef.


Axelle Roels, Belgium

Becoming part of the Boury family brought my dedication to the next level

Preferring the front-of-house, I thrive on personal connections with our guests. My journey to Boury began through an internship during my studies. After various domestic and international internships, I found myself at Restaurant Boury. Here, I aim to master the intricacies of hospitality, focusing on those crucial details. My specialization in sommelier comes from a deep love for wine and non-alcoholic pairings. The experience of a nice dish perfectly balanced out with a drink, it gives me goosebumps. Food holds a special place in my family, reminding me of my grandmother's lovingly prepared feasts, like her signature turkey with croquettes. Transferring this warmth to the table by hospitality and a friendly smile, that my goal.

Evie Schellekens, The Netherlands

You can wake me in the middle of the night for a nice glass of wine.

Hailing from Zeeland, I sought to gain experience in the gastronomic world after earning my high school diploma. The classical French cuisine at the highest level truly appeals to me. It's all about giving the guest a unique experience in a setting with delicious food, great wine, and enjoyable company. It’s the most beautiful profession in the world. Currently, I'm an assistant sommelier because wine is one of my passions. You can wake me up in the middle of the night for a nice glass of Meursault or Champagne, I’m loving it! I have a special fondness for South Africa and I have a dream of opening my own restaurant over there one day.


Kjell Van Daele, Belgium

Coming from tourism industry, I found my passion in wine- and food pairing.

Through my tourism studies, I unexpectedly discovered the hospitality industry. This world opened up for me and changed my perspective on gastronomy. I find great satisfaction in the experience we, as a team, provide to the guests in the restaurant. That's why I work in this field. How did I end up at Restaurant Boury? One evening, I befriended some members of the front-of-house team. The conversations intrigued me and led me to choose a top-level establishment and become part of the Boury family. It was no hard choice for me because I really wanted to grow personally and professionally. I also have a great passion for wine, and in an environment like this, you learn a lot about the entire process and the diversity of viticulture. I even achieved my WSET Level 3 certification.

Amaury De Backer, Belgium

I’m eager to learn about flavors through Europe.

I fell in love with hospitality at a young age. My parents aren't in the industry, but my passion came from my godmother. While studying at the hotel school Ter Duinen in Koksijde, my drive for gastronomy grew even stronger. Internships at home and abroad taught me to appreciate the fantastic products we work with daily. I've interned in establishments in France, Spain, and Belgium. Besides cooking, I'm a true foodie who loves dining out and getting new ideas. On my first day at the restaurant, Chef Tim warmly welcomed me, took the time to explain the workflow, and set me on the right path. This is a great start!

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