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Camilo, Brazil

I left my legal texts to become a chef

After studying law in Brazil, my journey took an unexpected turn. During the pandemic when I gained a passion in cooking alongside my parents. Determined to turn this newfound passion into a profession, I enrolled in culinary arts school in Sao Paulo. Back in Brazil I worked in several restaurants to evolve and learn the skills of a trained cook. Now, I’m on a global journey, eager to immerse myself in diverse cuisines and hone my skills as a chef. My ultimate dream? To open my own restaurant in Europe. Personally, I gravitate towards seafood, drawn to its versatility and freshness—it's a product with endless possibilities, each dish a testament to the ocean's bounty and my culinary exploration. I want to thank everyone in restaurant Boury for this unique experience.

Drew Chiszar.jpg

Drew Chiszar, United States

The surprising vegetable enthusiast

"I grew up in New York and had the opportunity to intern at Eleven Madison Park, another three Michelin-starred restaurant like Boury. One of the main reasons for coming to Europe is the fact that you don't always find high-quality ingredients in the US. I eat very little meat, which is perhaps atypical for an American. I am fascinated by vegetables. Often, vegetables are seen as a 'side dish,' but you can also make them the star of the plate. Vegetables can truly surprise. There are onions you can eat like an apple. And the things you can do with cauliflower! At Boury, I work on the appetizers, and even there, vegetables definitely have their place. Another big difference from America is that in the kitchen, it's not about 'me' but about 'us.' After my internship, I will return to New York, where I am eager to further explore the Michelin scene."

Ethan Green, Canada

Discovering New Flavor Combinations

"The love for cooking is in my genes. My uncle is a chef, and my aunt teaches hospitality. As a teenager, I already took culinary courses, worked in various restaurant kitchens, and participated in competitions, often internationally. When I had the opportunity to join Boury Academy, I didn't hesitate for a moment. Here, I can work on perfecting my skills and discovering new flavor combinations. The creative aspect of cooking is what I love most. It sometimes feels like I'm creating architecture on a plate. At Boury, I get the chance to bring my ideas to life and experiment with new flavors and textures. It's a place where I can truly flourish as a pastry chef. I believe that the presentation of a dish is just as important as its taste. After all, the eye also wants something, right? That's why I pay a lot of attention to the aesthetics of my desserts. It's satisfying to see people enjoy my creations. For me, that's the icing on the cake."

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Nitesh Bhatt, Canada

Cooking is the experience of creating balance between flavours

Starting from my hometown back in India, I’m making a journey of culinary discovery, studying at a prestigious culinary arts college and working all over the world in Michelin-starred restaurants. My path led me to various kitchens across the United States before venturing back to Delhi, where a friend and I opened Vegan Express—a cozy haven for 20 guests, where worldly flavors meet fine dining techniques. With a commitment to zero waste and vegan products, our kitchen is a true celebration of ingredients. Now in Belgium, I refine my skills, eager to one day open my own restaurant in Canada. For me, cooking is more than just about the food—it's about perfecting flavors and textures, and creating a balanced culinary experience.

Nate Maercklein, USA

One day I want to give a fine-dining experience to those who can’t effort.

Growing up in Marblehead, surrounded by the ocean, ignited my love for fish. The diversity of this product offers endless culinary possibilities. In my family, food is a cornerstone—my Italian mom triggered me to cook dishes like her famous Chicken Marsala. This deep connection to food sparked my fascination with cooking and fine dining. My ultimate goal is to open a non-profit restaurant where everyone, regardless of financial means, can enjoy a fancy dining experience. I believe everyone deserves the chance to feel like a VIP and indulge in a high-quality meal, regardless of their ability to pay. It's about providing an opportunity for the community to come together and savor delicious food without worrying about the cost. Giving an opportunity feel fancy and a bit poche for those who can’t effort it.

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