The Boury Academy provides kitchen and restaurant consultancy for gastronomic concepts in high-end hotels. 


The basis of the consultancy engagement is the intention of the management to introduce modern Western gastronomy and high-class restaurant service for guests who value fine dining in the comfortable setting offered by the hotel.


The consultancy engagement has the intention to boost the in-hotel spending and to further attract A+ customers by offering an exceptional dining experience.


Ideally, the hotel chefs and waiters are trained in Belgium in the low season.

During that internship, the hotel students get a specific training in preparing the menus which will be served in the high season. Further, they get a front-row insight into the mechanism and organisation of a renowned kitchen and a feeling with a rewarded restaurant experience.


Back in the hotel, the trained staff gets on-the-floor coaching by members of the Boury team during regular visits to the hotel. As such, the seasonal menu changes regularly and the restaurant concept can be further finetuned in response to the feedback of the guests in order to ensure an ongoing improvement in customer statisfaction.